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Doubtless Bay

Doubtless Bay

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This is our wooden depth map of Doubtless Bay.
We design and build all our maps right here in New Zealand. To make geography accurate, each layer is laser cut. We then paint and assemble them by hand. Find out more about our maps, bespoke additions, and how they're made.

Merita, Karikari Peninsula, Rangiputa, Kaimaumau, Paparore, Unahi, Lake Ohia, Taipa, Coopers Beach, Hihi, Temaro, Parapara, Mangonui, Kaingaroa, Unahi, Paewhenua Island, Moturoa Island, Rocky Island, Puketu Island, Waipapa Beach, Rotorua Bay, Maitai Bay, Maitai bay Scenic Reserve, Tokerau beach, Hihi Beach, Parakerake Beach, Rangiputa Beach, Karikari Beach, Puheke Beach, Coopers Beach, Taipa Beach, Unahi Wharf, Mangonui Wharf, Mill Bay, Taipa Bay, Waikato Bay, Cable Bay, Taemaro Bay, Florance Bay, Te Reinga Bay, Butler Bay, Doubtless bay, Mangonui Harbour, Rangaunu Harbour

Size: 590 x 590mmPlywood: European Birch 3-ply
Layers: 8; Sea level, -2m, -10m, -20m, -30m, -50m, -100m, -200m
If you'd like to add any personal touches to your map, please add a note to your order and we'll be in touch.
Note - All of our maps are made to order, and can take up to two weeks to build.
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