Custom Designs

Even with our range of products constantly growing, we understand that sometimes you want more than our standard offerings. You want a map that's uniquely yours—a reflection of your personal connection to the ocean and land. That's why we offer custom commission orders, where our team will craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you.

Lead Time: The lead time for custom orders can vary, ranging from 3 weeks up to 3 months, depending on our current workload and the complexity of your design. We appreciate your patience as we work to create something extraordinary for you.



  • Small to Medium (up to 60 x 60cm): Starting at $749
  • Large (80 x 60cm): Starting at $899
  • Extra Large (120 x 80cm): Starting at $1499

Please note that pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your design. We will provide you with a detailed quote once we have discussed your requirements.


Our process for initiating a commission request is very personal - simply send us a message through our contact page of our website. We love to learn the 'why' behind each request, and hear the story of your intimate connection to that particular coastline.


A few additional considerations:

- We aim for a roughly 50-50 split of land to ocean in our custom maps. This ensures that the final product looks balanced and visually appealing.

- Some pieces of coastline just don't contain interesting contours (such as large portions of the West Coast). Zooming out to capture more area can often solve this.

- Creating maps outside of New Zealand is absolutely possible but often more difficult with different datasets (see our international maps)


Other Resources -

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