About Tides Out Maps ..

We're a small New Zealand company who handcraft beautiful wooden depth maps of all your favourite places. While primarily artwork, our maps are unique in that they show the actual peaks and troughs of the landscape under our beautiful oceans.
Born from a love for the ocean, our goal is to capture those iconic spots where we love to surf, dive or sail, and turn them into artwork for your home.
Why the name Tides Out Maps? Imagine if the tides were to recede all the way out.. we'd see the beautiful landscapes that had been hidden from sight under the surface of the ocean. It is our mission to bring these to life.

A bit about the team ..

Meet Matt - an engineer and ocean enthusiast who decided to turn his passion for creating maps into a small business.
At the moment Tides Out Maps is a team of one! 

About our Maps ..

Our maps are created by stacking layers of painted wood a top one another to give a 3D aesthetic. A carefully selected blue gradient adds to the feeling that you can see straight through the oceans surface.
While being unique in artistic design, what we're most proud of is the fact that all of our maps are 100% geographically accurate. Whether you're looking at a deep ocean gully or an underwater reef, you can be sure it exists in real life.
To achieve a high level of precision, each layer of our maps is cut using a laser. The layers are then individually painted and assembled, all by hand. And all of this is done right here in Aotearoa! (learn more here)